Camvac to exhibit at Packaging Innovations in 2020

Camvac Packaging Innovations 2020

Returning for 2020, Camvac will be exhibiting at Packaging Innovations on the 26 & 27 February at the NEC, Birmingham.

We’ll be showcasing our entire range of sustainable packaging films under our Camvert brand, sustainable answers in the fight to reduce plastic packaging. Including our latest products Cambrite Camvert and a selection of Compostable Lidding Films.

Camvac will also be exhibiting our other leading products / services including our proven range of metallised films, clear barrier films and laminates on Stand F47.

To book your tickets and find out more about the exhibition visit the Packaging Innovations website.


Metallised Films by Camvac

Metallised Films by Camvac

Metallised Films are generally polymer films which have been coated with a thin layer of aluminium during the production process to increase a products shelf-life, appeal or add certain barrier properties.

Camvac’s original founders invented the process of Vacuum Metallisation in the 1930’s. Since then, Camvac has grown into one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of metallised films and non-woven materials to a varying array of customers. A large proportion of our products are patented, and the processes are licenced, resulting in truly unique products to Camvac. In our manufacturing facility we have three 2200mm wide metallisation machines and one 1650mm wide metallisation machine.

Metallised films are created to reduce the permeability of the film to light, water and oxygen whilst creating a highly reflective, mirror-like finish. During the metallising process, the properties of the film are unaffected. Comparing to aluminium foil, metallised film is a more robust product, possesses the ability to be heat sealed and is lower density. All whilst being available at a much lower cost. The characteristics of metallised PET film makes the material an exceptional packaging film for a vast array of food items. Applications include snack foods, coffee and microwave meals.

An ever-increasing wealth of film metallising expertise in high metal adhesion, high barrier, decorative, low optical density, strip and clear barrier means that Camvac is well placed to continue as a leading solution provider in each of its chosen markets.

Some products which are produced using the metallising process are; Camcrisp, Camlite and Camtherm.



Camcrisp is a controlled optical density metallised film for microwave susceptors. Recent consumer changes have seen the ‘food on the go’ market grow massively, becoming the hallmark of modern living and with it the need for microwavable packaging which can both protect the product and allow fast preparation.

Camcrisp is a metallised film specifically developed for the microwave snack market. The metallised film is used to enable ‘browning and crisping’ of products such as pizzas, garlic bread, potato chips and popcorn during the re-heating process. Precise control of the film optical density gives assured microwave performance and controlled heat generation.

Metallised films are not only used within the packaging of foods and liquids. The films also possess certain properties making them ideal for protecting electronics which are sensitive to light and for using within the manufacture of insulation.



Camlite is a controlled optical density metallised film. Originally developed for packaging light sensitive electronic components. Camlite is an example of a multipurpose product with at least two applications. Whilst giving the functional advantage of controlled light transmission, Camlite is a metallised film which has anti-static properties and gives a stylish aesthetic quality to promotional packaging application in the form of tinted transparent envelopes e.g. for sales literature and magazines.



Camtherm is metallised films and laminates for thermal insulation. Camtherm can be supplied as a laminate or single web structure and has been designed for a range of insulation applications. It can be produced in a variety of material substrates. All of which demonstrate exceptional barrier to oxygen and moisture as well as excellent emissivity values.

Applications for Camtherm are typically industrial and engineering insulation products; vacuum insulation panels, gypsum-type duplex board and moisture barrier underlay for flooring insulation.

Camvac’s metallised films have a wide range of uses and are constantly increasing. Recent developments and a growing consumer demand have resulted in metallised films being available in a range of environmentally friendly solutions under our Camvert brand.

So, whether you are looking to increase the shelf appeal of your product or need a metal finish to your end-product, metallised films are a proven way to achieve your product differentiation and stay ahead of the competition. Camvac’s metallised films are used in a wide range of products from home compostable acetate film within the luxury packaging marketplace to thermally efficient components of windows and double glazing.

Camvac’s long trading history and experience means we are well positioned to be able to use this knowledge and expertise to apply metallising to a wide range of end uses and industries.

To discover more about Camvac’s film metallising capabilities contact us today.

Compostable Lidding Film

Camvac Lidding Film

Camvac’s latest commercial product is in keeping with our growing environmentally responsible range of packaging films under the Camvert brand.  The fully compostable lidding film is going to be used as part of the eco-friendly packaging for a grab-and-go range of snacking nuts and dried fruit.

Developed in-house, the compostable lidding film has been manufactured to provide a high clarity, modified atmosphere. Resulting in the lidding film being available for several applications including fresh food packaging, confectionary and snacks.

The lidding film material is made from a certified compostable structure. Which is a great alternative to the traditional plastics used within the food lidding films that often end up in landfill sites across the globe.

The fully compostable film uses Camvac’s Camshield T coating. An aluminium oxide film with a proprietary in-chamber top coating for both barrier protection and enhancement. The exclusive in-chamber vacuum metallising process applies a protective topcoat over the aluminium oxide layer. This provides both barrier protection and enhancement to the lifespan and freshness of the product inside. Another benefit of the new, fully compostable, lidding film is the excellent light transmissions. The first-rate light transmissions results in exceptional clarity and product visibility for the consumer on the store shelf. A must for any food manufacturer looking to showcase their food and stand out from the competition!

A Chlorine free barrier coating makes the lidding film truly environmentally friendly. Test results show higher yields versus other structures as the barrier is independent of film thickness. The compostable lidding film is ideally suited to the food packaging sector. Including fresh food packaging, snacks, confectionary and dried foods. The environmentally responsible film can be heat sealed to the packaging tray containing the produce to enhance produce lifespan.

Look out for Camvac’s newest environmentally friendly film next time you purchase a grab-and-go snack.

To discover more about Camvac’s entire Green Range, visit or speak to us today.

Compostable Lidding Film Now Available

Team Camvac Wins the Shadwell Shield

team camvac wins shadwell shield

Team Camvac beats Shadwell Stud by 31 runs to claim the Shadwell Shield for 2019.

The batting was opened by Team Camvac who scored 159/6. In reply Shadwell Stud only totalled 128/6 – as a result of Team Camvac’s strong bowling and fielding presence.

To get to the final Camvac had some close games but improving game by game meant they were ultimately unstoppable on their way to claiming the Shadwell Shield for 2019.

Team Camvac’s run to the final;

Semi Final
Post Office Vs Team Camvac
Post Office all out for 123
Team Camvac 124 for 0

Group Stages
Black Horse Vs Team Camvac
Black Horse all out for 86
Team Camvac 87 for 0

BTO Vs Team Camvac
BTO 108 all out
Team Camvac 162 for 4

The Shadwell Shield is a local business V business, midweek knock-out cricket tournament organised by Thetford Town Cricket Club. Whereby business teams compete to win the coveted Shield.

Camvac would like to thank all teams who took part and Congratulations Team Camvac on the win!

Board Lamination Packaging

Metallised Films by Camvac

Cambrite Camvert is a fully biodegradable decorative metallised film, designed to be used within the board lamination packaging market as an eco-friendly alternative to metallised polyester.

Worldwide, Companies are working on improving their packaging standards, but it is not a simple process as we discussed last month in our Sustainable Packaging Solutions post. There are numerous factors to consider that are all of equal importance to the consumer.

From food to tech gadgets, a brands packaging strategy needs to understand that to maintain a market position, sustainable packaging is no longer a USP – it is increasingly becoming the norm.

Not only switching to sustainable packaging materials but also promoting your brands commitment to the environment will create a shared experience with the consumer.

From a brands viewpoint, opting to embrace eco-friendly practises and ultimately eco-friendly packaging will help brands retain their market share and this is where Camvac can help.

Camvac are witnessing changes in organisations environmental commitment which is shaping the future of packaging. As a result, Camvac are partnering with more like-minded companies to change the future of packaging. Eco-friendly packaging is no more a ‘nice to have’ option for organisations, it is increasingly becoming a must have.

One area where Camvac have paid specific attention and invested considerable research and development away from our main markets is in the Board Lamination market. Camvac have developed a patented, fully biodegradable and compostable decorative metallised film called Cambrite Camvert.

Cambrite Camvert is a premium solution for brands who are looking for an eco-friendly, fully biodegradable and compostable decorative metallised film to be used within the board lamination packaging process.

Board lamination is one of the most popular methods in the packaging industry for creating attention grabbing packaging designs. This is due to its durability, high gloss and scuff resistance capabilities. It can be used in litho lamination and die cutting.

Adding in a metallised acetate lets brand and marketing managers create truly attractive packaging which captures the consumers eye on an ever increasingly packed shelf. A memorable packaging design that conveys quality is a must for any premium product.

Cambrite was originally developed to give maximum brilliance and visual impact for the board lamination packaging market. Changing consumer habits and the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions have led Camvac to develop a range of cost effective, biodegradable and compostable film under the Camvert Green Range.

Cambrite Camvert product highlights include;

  • Home compostable
  • Home biodegradable
  • Available in a range of base colours with mirror-like brilliance
  • Print and graphics receptivity
  • Unique patented technology
  • Part of the Camvert range – sustainable answers in the fight to reduce plastic packaging

The excellent aesthetic appeal is at the core of Cambrite’s unique factors. End products can be produced in a variety of surface finishes and colours, with all offering good print receptivity. For more demanding applications Cambrite can be given adhesion properties in order to produce very durable laminate structures.

Speak to a member of the Camvac team today to discuss your individual project and how Cambrite Camvert can help you with your Board Lamination Packaging.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Discover Our Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Sustainable packaging solutions have been developed over the years to minimise the environmental impact conventional packaging has on the environment. In more recent times, the development and drive for greater sustainable options has seen dramatic increases in sustainable packaging options.

No longer is sustainable packaging only a drive for the end-product to be recyclable; the entire product lifecycle is now considered, from raw material, through the supply chain and onto the end-product disposal. Advances in technology, a greater awareness and increasing demand from the end customer has seen sustainable packaging solutions increase considerably in recent years.

With sustainable packaging being a comparatively new addition to the environmental considerations for packaging. The continued analysis and documentation to look at the package design, material choices, processes, environmental impact and product lifecycle means the market is continuously evolving. This is a large driving force behind Camvac’s increasingly eco friendly packaging options.

Sustainability is not inevitably an end state, but it is a continuous process of improvement and advances. This is also the case with our products. We are continuously researching and developing our products to create better sustainable packaging solutions.

If sustainable packing is to be truly effective, the improvements must, as a minimum, meet the functional and economic needs of its non-sustainable counterpart. Without conceding the capability of future generations to meet their own needs.

A worthwhile thought process to minimise the volume of material in circulation is to reduce and ultimately remove packaging from products. Removing the packaging on products like bulk foods to lessen the impact the packaging has on the environment is a blinkered view. The packaging has a job to do. It is used to protect and extend a products lifespan. The bottom line is, packaging is needed. The packaging industry just needs to be able to provide a sustainable solution to meet the demand for a greener future.

Packaging plays an essential role in protecting and extending the lifespan of the products contained within from initial manufacture until the end consumer opens them. Packaging, particularly food packaging, also contains important product information such as storage details and ingredients / nutritional information for the end user.

A couple of years ago there was an outcry when the environmental impact of wrapping a cucumber in plastic was brought into the media’s spotlight. The question of ‘was it really necessary when an apple or potato isn’t wrapped’ was raised. At the time there was a media outcry, but research justifies the need for wrapping a cucumber. A wrapped cucumber lasts three times as long compared to an unwrapped one, consequently extending the products lifespan.

A longer life product means less deliveries, reduced energy costs and crucially less waste. Across the globe we dispose of as much as fifty percent of purchased food. More often than not the food is disposed when it perishes. Thrown in the bin and sent to landfill to give off methane, a greenhouse gas, during its decomposing state.

This proves that packaging has a place in the entire lifecycle of a product. It is the continued advances to ensure the packaging used is not excessive and that the makeup of the packaging is a sustainable solution for a greener future.

With this knowledge at the forefront of our recent developments, Camvac have invested heavily into technological advances enabling sustainable product packaging solutions. These advances have been developed to reduce the packaging material to a level where it does not affect shelf life of the product but is also environmentally friendly and sustainable. Furthermore, research into the raw materials of our packaging has permitted us to be able to offer a range of sustainable packaging solutions across most of our markets. Markets include not only the food market but also in our specialist and conversion markets.

The outcome of this investment and new technology is our Camvert range.

Our Camvert product range has been specifically developed to offer highly versatile solutions. Providing the packaging industry with sustainable, environmentally friendly answers to reducing the use of plastic, particularly plastic packaging.

Our Camvert range benefits include, but are not limited to;

  • Compostable Packaging
  • Biodegradable Packaging
  • Widely Recyclable
  • Clear Film Options
  • Metallised Film Solutions
  • High Barrier Performance

Camclear Camvert is part of our transparent barrier film options. Camclear was a ‘first’ and now industry standard within the fresh food packaging, confectionary, snacks, retortable applications, bag-in-box and dried foods. Camclear is a chlorine-free transparent barrier film which is available in a variety of substrates. Camclear is highly versatile with excellent oxygen and moisture barrier performances. The high light transmission / low haze values result in excellent clarity and product visibility. Camclear is available in printable film and microwavable options.

Cambrite is our answer for decorative metallised films. Changing the foundations of the film means we can now offer a fully biodegradable and compostable decorative metallised film. Cambrite Camvert is a premium solution for brands who are looking for a fully biodegradable and compostable decorative metallised film. Cambrite was originally developed to give maximum brilliance and visual impact for the board lamination market. Changes in consumer habits and the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions have led us to develop a range of biodegradable and compostable barrier films.

Transparent barrier polyester laminates, Extrapet Camvert. Extrapet can be used for a wide range of processed meats, fresh meats, poultry, pastas, bakery and vegetables. Where presentation, fresh appearance and sustainable is critical, Extrapet Camvert is the answer. Extrapet Camvert is available in a variety of peel and non-peel solutions, antifog and high barrier options – all offering sustainable packaging solutions.

Camshield T was another first for Camvac and now an industry standard in its own right. Camshield T meets a number of key performance criteria based around barrier transmission and clarity which results in Camshield T being unbeatable for a large variety of applications.

Applications of Camshield T include fresh food packaging, snacks, confectionary, bag-in-box, dried foods and retortable applications. Camshield T uses Camvac’s patented in-chamber vacuum metallising process to apply a protective top coat over the aluminium oxide layer, creating both barrier protection and enhancement.

To discover more about our sustainable packaging solutions, follow us on LinkedIn, visit our Green Products section or contact us today and we’d be happy to explore how we can work together for a greener future.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions with Camvac Camvert Range

Camvac Showcases Apprenticeship Opportunities

West Suffolk College Tutors pictured during their Camvac tour of different apprenticeships in Thetford

As part of Camvac’s commitment to Thetford Business Forum and developing young talent, we welcomed a number of tutors from West Suffolk College for a tour of our site and an insight into the various apprenticeship opportunities Camvac has to offer. The tour was organised so the tutors could better understand Camvac, what we manufacture, and the uniqueness of our metallised film products. The tutors can then discuss the apprenticeships in Thetford businesses with their students in more depth, as they have experienced the businesses themselves.

The tour of local businesses was put on so the tutors could benefit from understanding better the opportunities for placing students in Thetford businesses, and as part of TBF and Camvac’s continued efforts to attract young people to the area to take up a career with one of the businesses located in and around the town. TBF opted to invite tutors from a range of subjects so they could use the opportunity to witness, firsthand, the different apprenticeships in Thetford that are available for young adults who do not want or wish to attend university.

The day involved the Tutors visiting an array of businesses, from varying industry sectors, around the Thetford area. First stop was Thetford Garden Centre, followed by Shadwell Stud, Camvac and a Logistics business.

Camvac welcomed the college tutors for a full site tour, from our offices through to our film metallising facilities and dispatch. During the visit members of West Suffolk College witnessed the entire barrier process from stock control, film metallising, through to slitting and packaging ready for dispatch.

Interested in an apprenticeship with Camvac, visit our Careers Page for the latest career opportunities at Camvac.

West Suffolk College Tutors pictured during their Camvac tour of different apprenticeships in Thetford

West Suffolk College Tutors pictured during their recent Camvac tour


Norfolk Skills Fair

Camvac attended the Norfolk Skills & Careers Fair on 6th & 7th March 2019.  The event held at the Norfolk Showground was an opportunity for businesses from a wide range of industry sectors, to showcase the employment opportunities available to students across the region and to assist them with their career choices.

Camvac Stand
Pictured: Sue Lockwood (HR Manager)

Packaging Innovations

Camvac enjoyed another successful year exhibiting at the Packaging Innovations Exhibition in Birmingham on 27th & 28th February.

Thank you to everyone who visited our stand and we look forward to following up all enquiries.

Pictured from left: Harry Coldrey (Sales Manager), Matt Brown (Sales Manager), Gary Chalkley (Development Director)