Barrier Lidding Film Relaunched

Barrier Lidding Film

Camvac relaunches premium barrier lidding film range with exclusive new features. 

Camvac Ltd, global pioneer in transparent barrier films and laminates, has relaunched a range of market-leading AlOx barrier lidding film solutions: Camclear, Extrapet, and Extrapet PCR. Re-engineered with an unrivalled choice of gauges and widths, the trio boasts supreme gas and moisture barrier performance, transparency – and full recyclability.

Camclear is a chlorine free, EVOH alternative barrier coating, available in a wide range of single-web substrates, including polyester, polyethene and polypropylene in thickness from 12um. Camclear features exceedingly high barrier performance, both OTR and MVTR, which is critical for MAP/CAP packaging.

Extrapet and Extrapet PCR are all polyester barrier lidding film solutions. Available with weld or peelable seal options, the premium grade polyester will heat seal through contamination, preventing leaks and food waste. The Extrapet range includes retort films, also in weld and peelable grades, that have been specifically developed to withstand the high temperatures during a retort sterilisation process. Camvac’s in-house antifog coating offers superior clarity which ensures excellent light transmission and low haze values. Extrapet PCR also supports improved sustainability with over 30% Post-Consumer Recycled content – which ensures it falls outside of the UK Plastic Packaging Tax criteria.

Camvac uses the highest-grade raw materials to create top-quality, highly engineered lidding films and laminates which surpass customers’ needs. They are highly print receptive and provide best-in-class protection for fresh meat, fish, pork, beef mince, processed meats, cheese, pasta, vegetables and bakery products. Camvac’s barrier lidding film solutions are perfect for converting applications, ensuring extended product shelf-life – and they are microwavable and oven-ready.

Camvac is uniquely placed within the films and laminates industry as an independent company. It can maximise its purchasing power and product optimisation as it works with whichever supplier can provide the best solution. As a result the relaunched films are available in an unheard-of range of widths – from 30mm to 2100mm.

Camvac’s Director of Product Development, Gary Chalkley, explained: “Camclear, Extrapet and Extrapet PCR are the Rolls-Royce of transparent lidding films. They were pretty impressive first time out but, after the extensive R&D work our team has put into re-engineering them, we’re confident that there are no better films on the market today. Certainly none with the sheer versatility combined with premium quality. As an added bonus the sealing range is an impressive 140 to 200 degrees Celsius, giving our customers the choice of running lines faster and using less energy to heat the machine. What’s not to love?”

Camvac is a true one-stop-shop as it has the capacity and technology to metallise, laminate and slit films and laminates all under one roof, meaning the company can supply a full range of slit widths to match any application and order lead times are drastically reduced.

Gary Chalkley added: “Camvac has been synonymous with quality and innovation since its formation in Cambridge in the 1950s. The company pioneered the use of metallised films and laminates for a diverse range of applications and markets. We’re continuing our mission with Camclear, Extrapet and Extrapet PCR – the next generation of lidding films. They’re perfectly suited to multiple food and converter applications and we expect them to take the market by storm as so many of our products have in the past.”

Camvac Unveils Game-Changing Camfoil: the Future of Laminate Packaging

metallised barrier film foil alternative Camfoil by Camvac

Camvac Ltd, a prominent global supplier of transparent and metallised barrier film and laminates, has announced the launch of its latest product, Camfoil. Developed as a multi-layered metallised barrier film laminate, Camfoil delivers the ultimate light, moisture and gas barrier that maintains high performance throughout the complete supply chain.

Created as an alternative to aluminium foil, Camfoil offers all the same functionality and removes many of its weaknesses, making this new innovation perfect for multiple flexible packaging applications. The material has also been specifically engineered for its heat seal characteristics – the film is tailored to heat seal through contamination making it ideal for powdered products such as milk and infant formula, protein and whey powders. It’s also perfect for foodstuffs such as peanuts and other snacks that require robust light and gas barriers.

Typical consumer end applications for Camfoil include bags, sachets, pouches and lidding film for products as wide-ranging as dry food, dry powder packaging and bulk shipment of high oxygen and moisture-sensitive products – including household cleaning products. Camfoil is available as a triplex extreme barrier laminate for further conversion downstream, and Camvac can supply a print-receptive finished goods laminate with a range of sealant webs, including PE, PET, CPP and OPP.

Camvac’s Director of Product Development, Gary Chalkley, explained: “Camfoil is a truly next-generation laminate that sets a new high bar for barrier packaging. Camfoil removes the risk of pin-holing while providing an excellent gas and water vapour barrier and providing the potential to extend product shelf-life. It’s eminently suitable for extreme applications, for example vacuum insulation panels that contain silica or liquid cleaning products, as well as regular and powdered foodstuffs.”

Millions of pounds worth of products are transported daily in flexible foil packaging, meaning they could be at risk if their packaging is damaged, incorrectly handled or low quality. Camfoil delivers complete peace of mind to producers and consumers as it will not flex crack like aluminium foil. Goods will stay fresh and usable for longer, offering greater value for money, and the product is compatible with existing packaging machinery.

Gary Chalkley added: “Camfoil is a premium, market leading product for performance and packaging applications. The laminate is further enhanced by its sealant web which can be tailored to your packaging’s bespoke end use, so just give us a call to experience Camvac’s world class customer service. It utilises locally sourced raw materials so we’re offering customers improved supply chain resilience too. Camfoil is a first-class material that sustains product integrity through its entire lifecycle. It’s goodbye aluminium foil and get ready for real flexible packaging revolution!”

For more information, visit

Camvac welcomes local MP to officially open our newest Thermal Lamination Line

Camvac Thermal Laminate Line Opening

Liz Truss, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, and Northern Ireland, Camvac’s local MP visited our production site in Thetford on 13th January ’23 for a site tour and to officially open our newest lamination line.

Installed and commissioned over recent months, the new thermal lamination line adds around 3,000 tonnes of additional capacity into the Thetford site. Manufacturing Camvac’s market-leading, high-performance, metallised triplex thermal laminate range which is part of our Camplex product portfolio and is predominantly used within the manufacture of Bag-in-Box and bulk liquid packaging solutions.

The thermal laminate range provides excellent seal strength, seal integrity and flexibility, which are key performance parameters in the packing and transportation of liquids.

The increased capacity in our Thermal Laminate range compliments our wider portfolio of barrier metallised and transparent adhesive lamination products that are supplied to the Bag-in-Box and bulk liquid packaging markets where Camvac has held a strong presence and reputation for quality, service, and innovation for over 30 years.


Camfoil an Innovative Alternative to Foil

metallised barrier film foil alternative Camfoil by Camvac

UK based Camvac is one of the leading global suppliers of metallised and clear barrier films and laminates, and it is this patented barrier coating technology that has been utilised to create a revolutionary alternative to foil.

Commercially named Camfoil, the new flexible packaging laminate is a multi-layer metallised laminate offering the same functionality as a foil laminate, with a key benefit being the elimination of the potential pin-holing risk associated with foil laminations.

The benefit of a secure multi-layer barrier film provides additional product safety and potential extended product shelf-life compared to an equivalent foil laminate.

Utilising Camvac’s unique barrier coating capabilities, Camfoil provides extreme gas and water vapour barrier equal to foil for ultimate packaging performance.

Furthermore, improved supply chain resilience is achieved as the laminate utilises locally sourced raw materials. This strong supply chain can significantly reduce the MOQ and shorten lead-times, compared to foil-based laminate structures where global supply chain has been an issue in recent times.

Camfoil is available as a triplex extreme barrier laminate for further conversion downstream or Camvac can supply as a print receptive finished goods laminate with a range of sealant webs (PE / PET / CPP / OPP) tailored to their customer’s bespoke end use.

Typical end applications include bags, sachets, pouches, and lidding film for use in applications such as dry food and dry powder packaging plus bulk shipment of highly oxygen and/or moisture sensitive products.

Andrew Smith, Head of Sales at Camvac, spoke about the new development “The successful development of Camfoil using our unique technologies and operational capabilities, provides Camvac, its customers and partners with a new product family  that provides foil equivalent barrier which can eliminate some of the challenges of sourcing, processing, handling, and recycling issues associated foil-based structures.

The wide variety of laminate specification options using Camfoil as the core barrier functional layer, and the significant number of potential end-uses that could benefit from this product, provides opportunity for growth across a range of market sectors.”

To mark the launch of Camfoil at Packaging Innovations this February, Camvac will be explaining the multi-layer laminate benefits and giving away sample pouches of the extreme barrier laminate.

Alongside exhibiting Camfoil, Camvac will also be showcasing its other leading flexible barrier films and laminates. Including its mono-laminate lidding film Extrapet, clear barrier single-web OPP and their market-leading thermal laminate range of packaging films on stand C82 at Packaging Innovations, Birmingham, 15th & 16th February, 2023.

As Camvac continues to invest and develop new flexible packaging barrier films, the company is continually seeking new opportunities to partner with likeminded companies and would welcome any opportunity to discuss new partnerships – not only for their extreme barrier films but also their other packaging solutions.

Camfoil Technical Data.

Product Description – Extreme barrier multi-layer laminate

Production Construction – Multi-layer metallised coated laminate
Typical Oxygen Barrier – 0.02 cc/m²/24
Typical Moisture Barrier –  0.03 g/m²/24
Sealant Web – Can be tailored to bespoke end use (PE/PET/CPP/OPP)

Camfoil Key Product Benefits

  • Same functionality as a foil laminate, without the risk of pin-holing
  • Provides product safety and extended shelf life
  • Gas and water vapour barrier equivalent to foil
  • Improved supply chain resilience through locally sourced raw materials
  • Sealant web tailored to your bespoke end use (PE/PET/CPP/OPP)
  • Compatible with existing packaging machinery

Contact Camvac today to request more information and commericial pricing for Camfoil.


Camvac achieves BRC Grade AA Status

Camvac BRC Grade AA

The BRCGS Global standard for Packaging Materials was the first packaging standard to be globally recognised by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) and as such, is a popular packaging standard for those operating within and supplying packaging to the food and drink industry.

Packaging is a fundamental part of any brand. It defines product integrity, security and drives innovation. Consumers are attracted to strong and recognisable products that need to be consistent in size, colour and shape. Packaging is therefore an integral part of the manufacturing process. The Global standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials is the first packaging standard in the world to be recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) bench-marking committee. This is why Camvac works tirelessly to achieve a high standard, year on year.

Our BRCGS standard is just one of a number of standards Camvac works towards so our packaging options are leading in our chosen markets.

Take a look through our Product Range of see for yourself.

Camvac Featured in Business Focus Magazine

Camvac business focus interview 2022

Earlier this year, our CEO, Greg Kingham, sat down with Business Focus Magazine Editor and discussed all things Camvac, including the turbulence of the COVID-19 pandemic, raw material supply concerns, Camvac’s unique flexible coating solutions and our most recent investment in a new thermal lamination line.

“Despite tumultuous times, Camvac is at the dawn of an exciting period of growth”. 

Camvac Flexible Coating Solutions. Read the full interview below;

Business Focus Magazine is a leading global business magazine directed at high-level executives. The primary objective of Business Focus Magazine is to provide quality coverage of truly inspiring companies who have achieved the highest standard in their field of expertise.


Sustainable Packaging Films Brochure 2022

Packaging Films brochure by Camvac

We’ve recently launched our latest Sustainable Packaging Film Brochure detailing our range of environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging films under our Camvert Range.

Camvac’s packaging film range is constantly developing and evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the consumer. Camvac has invested heavily into technological advances enabling sustainable packaging film solutions to be available across most of our product portfolio. The outcome of these investments is the Camvert Range. These advances have been developed to reduce the packaging material to a level where it does not affect shelf life of the product but is also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Many of our sustainable packaging products are versatile and are applicable to more than one end use. The Camvert Range includes certified home compostable films, plastic tax compliant PCR laminate structures and recyclable (mon-material) options.

Highlights include;

Camplus Extra MDO PE.

Extremely high barrier machine-direction orientation Polyethylene, PE.

Typical end-uses would be conversion into printed or unprinted mono-film laminates for the snack food market where high gas barrier, aroma barrier and light barrier are all required for extended product shelf-life.



Transparent barrier film.

Camclear is a chlorine-free transparent barrier film and is highly versatile, having excellent oxygen and moisture barrier performance. Camclear is a EVOH alternative barrier film.

Typical end-uses include fresh food packaging, confectionary, snacks, bag-in-box and dried foods.


Camshield T.

Aluminium oxide film.

Where very high barrier protection and enhancement is a must for typical end applications including fresh food packaging, snacks, dried-fruit and confectionary.


ExtraPET PCR. 

Over 30% post-consumer recycled barrier lidding film.

ExtraPET PCR has been purposely developed to meet the growing consumer demand for more sustainable lidding film solutions, whilst still providing Camvac’s high gas barrier performance, both OTR and MVTR as required for MAP and CAP packaging applications. Available in either peel or weld seal laminate structures, the mono-material lidding film has been designed to offer excellent sealing properties and exceptional barrier performance. Whilst guaranteeing the film appearance is not hampered using food contact approve PCR grade base webs.


Click the following link to discover our latest Camvert range; Sustainable Packaging Film Brochure 2022

We’re Hiring – Engineering Team Leader

Shift Quality Control Inspector Thetford Norfolk

We are currently looking to recruit an Engineering Team Leader.

This role encompasses the day-to-day leadership, management and organisation of the maintenance engineering function, whilst looking at achieving the agreed targets for quality, cost, and delivery. Safety is also a vital part of this role. The role will be to be the primary representative for the engineering teams.

Successful applicants should ideally have a minimum of 5 years engineering experience, an ONC / HNC or equivalent in engineering and good supervisory / management abilities. Knowledge of mechanical / electrical engineering, fault finding on complex plant, planned preventative maintenance and safe working practices / legislation is also required.

Personal skills should include a good working knowledge of problem solving, resource planning, and continuous improvement techniques, with attention to detail, good communication skills, and the ability to promote team working all seen as important attributes.


A full job description will be available upon request by emailing


Camvac will provide additional training for individuals who show the right attributes for the role.


Normal hours of work are 37.50 per week Monday to Friday – but there will be occasions where a degree of flexibility will be required.


If you wish to apply for this position, please send a current CV with covering letter to

Closing date for applications; Friday 22nd July 2022.

We’re exhibiting at Packaging Innovations this May

After several postponements, Packaging Innovations returns for 2022 and Camvac will once again be exhibiting. A change of hall for 2022 will see the show expand on previous years for the future of branded packaging and technology to be fully on show, across two days 25th and 26th May in Hall 1, NEC Birmingham.

Camvac will be on stand C80, showcasing our entire range of sustainable packaging films under our Camvert brand including our post-consumer recycled mono-material lidding film ExtraPET PCR and our latest development metallised MDO PE film.

Camvac will also be exhibiting our other leading products / services including our proven range of metallised films, clear barrier films and laminates on Stand C80.

To book your tickets and find out more about the exhibition visit the Packaging Innovations website.

Camvac’s Ukraine Appeal

Camvac are proud to be working with Breckland Council and likeminded local businesses to do what we can to support the people of Ukraine in their time of need.

The effort from not only the Camvac Team but the wider community has been monumental with van loads of donations already on their way to Ukraine and more in progress.

Not only are we providing donations of food, medical supplies, baby items and personal hygiene products, we are also sending out 36,000m of our metallised film due to it’s heat retention properties.

Click on the link below to watch the great efforts of all involved!