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Revolutionary alternative to foil

Multi-layered metallised laminate offering the same functionality as a Alu Foil laminate, without the risk of pin-holing. Camfoil provides gas and water vapour barrier equivalent to foil with the sealant web tailored to your bespoke end use.

Applications & Markets for Camfoil

Typical end applications include bags, sachets, pouches and lidding film for use in applications such as dry food and dry powder packaging. Bulk shipment of highly oxygen and/or moisture sensitive products.

Liquid Packaging
Processed Food
Fresh Food

Camfoil is a revolutionary multi-layer metallised laminate alternative to aluminium foil.

The benefit of a secure multi-layer barrier film provides additional product safety and potential extended product shelf-life compared to an equivalent foil laminate. Utilising Camvac's unique barrier coating capabilities, Camfoil provides extreme gas and water vapour barrier equal to foil for ultimate packaging performance. Improved supply chain resilience is achieved as the laminate utilises locally sourced raw materials. This strong supply chain can significantly reduce the minimum order quantity and shorten lead-times, compared to foil-based laminate structures where global supply chain has been an issue in recent times. Camfoil is available as a triplex extreme barrier laminate for further conversion downstream or Camvac can supply as a print receptive finished goods laminate with a range of sealant webs inlcuding PE, PET, CPP and OPP.

Benefits of Camfoil

  • Same functionality as a foil laminate, without the risk if pin-holing
  • Provides product safety and extended shelf life
  • Gas and water vapour barrier equivalent to foil
  • Improved supply chain resilience through locally sourced raw materials
  • Sealant web tailored to your bespoke end use (PE/PET/OPP/CPP)
  • Compatible with existing packaging machinery

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