Management buyout creates Camvac International Limited.

Management buyout creates Camvac International Limited.

Camvac, the flexible packaging specialist based in the east of England has announced the successful completion of its management buyout, in turn creating a new company Camvac International Limited.

Camvac has been synonymous with quality and innovation since its formation in Cambridge in the 1950’s. The company pioneered the use of metallised films and laminates for a diverse range of applications and market.

The management buyout ensures the continuation of this mission; A wealth of film metallising expertise in high metal adhesion, high barrier performance and thermal & adhesive lamination has been secured by the management buyout deal. The transaction involved the acquisition of the plant and machinery, stock and intellectual property, as well as providing security of supply for Camvac’s international customer base.


Camvac International is uniquely placed within the films and laminates industry as a truly independent company. It can maximise its purchasing power and product optimisation as it works with whichever supplier can provide the best solution.


Camvac is a true one-stop-shop as it has the capacity and technology to metallise, laminate (thermal & adhesive) and slit films and complex laminate structures all under one roof. Meaning the company can supply a full range of slit widths to match any application and order lead times are drastically reduced. The company is believed to be the only company in the world currently producing both adhesive and thermal laminates in widths up to 2225mm.


Product Focus.

Developed as a multi-layered metallised laminate, Camfoil delivers the ultimate light, moisture and gas barrier that maintains high performance throughout the complete supply chain.

Created as an alternative to aluminium foil, Camfoil offers all the same functionality and removes many of its weaknesses, making the new innovation perfect for multiple flexible packaging applications. The material has also been specifically engineered for its heat seal characteristics – the film is tailored to heat seal through contamination making it ideal for powdered products such as milk and infant formula, protein and whey powders. Its also perfect for foodstuffs such as peanuts and other snacks that require robust light and gas barriers.

Typical consumer end applications for Camfoil include bags, sachets, pouches and lidding film for products as wide-ranging as dry food, dry powder packaging and bulk shipment of high oxygen and moisture sensitive products – including household cleaning products. Camfoil is available as a triplex extreme barrier laminate for further conversion downstream, and Camvac can supply a print receptive finished goods laminate with a range of sealant webs, including PE, PET, CPP and OPP.

The second generation of Camfoil is currently in advanced development stages, with Camvac International’s technical team working on an all PE, print receptive, heat-sealable, extreme barrier metallised laminate. Commercialisation is expected during the first half of 2024 with laminate being supplied in either parent reels or slit-down ready for VFFS production.


AlOx Films.

Market leading AlOx barrier film solutions; single web Camclear and Extrapet lidding film offers unrivalled choice of gauges and widths, boasting supreme gas and moisture barrier performance, transparency – and the potential of full recyclability.

Camclear is a chlorine free, EVOH alternative barrier coating, available in a wide range of single-web substrates, including polyester, polythene and polypropylene in thickness from 10um. Camclear features exceedingly high barrier performance, both OTR and MVTR, which is critical for MAP and CAP packaging.

Extrapet lidding film is an all PET barrier lidding film solution. Available with weld or peelable seal options, the premium grade polyester will heat seal though contamination, preventing leaks and food waste. The Extrapet range includes retort films, also available in weld and peelable grades, that have been specifically developed to withstand the high temperatures during the retort sterilisation process. Camvac’s in-house antifog coating offers superior clarity which ensures excellent light transmission and low haze values.

Camvac uses the highest-grade raw materials to create top-quality, highly engineered lidding films and laminates which surpass customers’ needs. They are highly print receptive and provide best-in-class protection for fresh meat, fish, pork, beef mince, processed meats, cheese, pasta, vegetables and bakery products. Camvac’s barrier lidding film solutions are perfect for converting applications, ensuring extended product shelf-life – and they are microwaveable and oven-ready.



With the creation of Camvac International Limited, the chosen markets remain with the new company’s vision of being one of the leading global suppliers of metallised film and clear barrier films and laminates for a wide range of food packaging, liquid packaging, medical applications, construction, and insulation products.


CEO Greg Kingham and Development Director Gary Chalkley head up the new management structure and have already embarked on a companywide review of its activities, with the aim of increasing its sustainable packaging solutions and the company’s patented barrier coating technology. In turn, exploiting new supply opportunities into existing and emerging markets, and forging strategic partnerships with like-minded companies in the flexible packaging marketplace.