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Recyclable transparent barrier polyester laminates

Camvac's peelable and weld seal Extrapet barrier lidding laminate has been successfully supplied to the MAP/CAP markets for many years. For a wide range of processed meats, fresh meats, poultry, pastas, vegetable and bakery.

Applications & Markets for Extrapet

Recyclable high barrier lidding film. Ideal for fresh food packaging of: processed meat, fresh meat, poultry, pasta, vegetables, bakery & dairy products.

Liquid Packaging
Processed Food
Fresh Food

Extrapet is a high barrier lidding film solution. It is an all PET (mono material) structure and therefore has the potential of total recyclability, where post consumer collection infrastructure exist.

Extrapet can also include the benefit of recycled content. Extrapet uses Camvac’s AlOx coated transparent barrier film Camclear®.

Benefits of Extrapet

  • Chlorine free barrier coating - environmentally friendly
  • Peel/non peel options
  • Excellent light transmission/low haze values - excellent clarity & product visibility
  • High barrier laminates offer extended shelf life
  • Camclear® Extrapet laminate is an all PET mono material, thus allowing the potential for recyclability
  • Microwaveable/ovenable (Extrapet)
  • Surface printable
  • Excellent seal integrity
  • Improved Sustainability with >60% PCR PET aiding the circular economy
  • Market leading anti-fog properties for product visibility
Typical StructurePolyester 12µ
Typical StructurePolyester 15µ
Typical StructurePolyester 12µ
Typical StructurePolyester 25µ
Typical StructurePolyester 12µ with 70% PCR
Typical StructurePolyester 20µ with 60% PCR

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