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Camplex® for Liquid Packaging

High barrier & high metal adhesion metallised polyester

A high performance triplex barrier laminate tailored specifically for the liquid packaging/bag-inside-box market. The thermal lamination range provides excellent seal strength, seal integrity and flexibility.

Applications & Markets for Camplex® for Liquid Packaging

Bag-inside-box and Bag-in-drum for: Retail (fruit juice, wine), catering (wine, beverages, tomato concentrate, fruit products & others), chemical industry (photo-chemicals), aseptic packaging, bulk packaging (tomato & fruit products - 200 & 1000 litres), intermediate bulk containers (bulk ingredients) and Flexitanks.

Liquid Packaging
Processed Food
Fresh Food

Camplex® can be manufactured in various structures all giving high or very high barrier and extended shelf life performance.

Where transport requirements are critical, we tailor more robust structures accordingly to withstand the pack stresses encountered in extreme handling through the distribution chain. The increasing popularity of BiB’s for the bulk shipment of a variety of liquids such as fruit concentrates and post-mix has resulted in the development of a wide range of high barrier structures.

Camvac's thermal lamination range provides excellent seal strength, seal integrity and flexibility, which are key performance parameters in the packing and transportation of liquids. The metallised polyester film and conversion into metallised thermal laminate has been developed in-house. Camvac’s barrier film technology provides high oxygen barrier properties, maximising product shelf-life from packing through to consumption. Manufacturing of Camvac’s Thermal Laminate utilises the businesses Camplus® process to enhance the oxygen barrier and in combination with its improved thermal lamination technology delivers bags with exceptional strength.

Benefits of Camplex® for Liquid Packaging

  • Excellent seal strength & integrity - giving exceptional mechanical strength
  • High oxygen barrier offer maximised shelf life & reduced oxidation
  • Barrier not dependent on relative humidity
  • Metallised structure gives light & aroma barrier, as well as quality image
  • Wide width production - metallising, laminating and slitting at 2200mm
Typical StructurePolyethylene 25µ-50µ
Typical StructurePolyester 12µ
Typical StructurePolyethylene 35µ-50µ

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