Sustainable Packaging Solutions Innovation Spotlight

lidding film thats recyclable by Camvac

Camvac discusses its growing range of sustainable packaging solutions and exciting new partnership.

Camvac is one of the leading global suppliers of metallised film as well as clear barrier films and laminates for a wide range of food packaging, liquid packaging (Bag-in-Box solutions), medical applications, construction, and insulation products. Being at the forefront of technological developments, Camvac works closely with our customers to develop new products within the film, laminates and packaging sectors. This is no more evident than Camvac’s latest innovation partnership with PlastoSac UK Ltd.

PlastoSac UK, are a major manufacturer and supplier of flexible and corrugated packaging, who have partnered with fellow UK based packaging experts Camvac Limited. The partnership will see the two companies work in tandem to bring to market a widely recyclable metallised barrier PE, which will be commercially available later this year.

The new partnership came as PlastoSac contacted Camvac as they realised there was a market demand for a widely recyclable barrier PE to challenge the non-recyclable alternatives such as BOPP and PP films, as the world looks for more environmentally friendly packaging solutions. The two packaging companies seek to bring their seventy-plus years of packaging expertise to create what will be a market leading packaging film.

PlastoSac have already successfully launched a fully recyclable PE film into the marketplace. The PE film has rapidly grown in popularity with UK Retailers, Packers, Food Processors and Equipment Manufacturers. Being adapted on a large scale throughout the produce sector, for short shelf life applications and for other longer shelf life foodstuffs where a barrier is not required.

PlastoSac’s MD James Whitehead states ‘There is a need for a barrier solution where longer shelf life is required and where a gas barrier is required. As part of PlastoSac’s ongoing development plan PSFPE is being adapted for barrier and other specialist technical applications.

To successfully bring a fully recyclable barrier PE to market, PlastoSac needed the metallisation expertise Camvac possess. Choosing to partner with Camvac for the development of this barrier PE came as a direct result of Camvac’s market leading metallisation and lamination processes, proven track record and heritage of product development success. This paired with Camvac’s excellent dedicated team with a strong technical and project led approach has led to initial testing results showing positive barrier levels for oxygen and moisture. Further testing is already underway by Camvac and it is anticipated a commercial product will be readily available later this year.

When commercially available, intended uses for the metallised barrier PE will be longer shelf life applications where a gas barrier is required and where the products are sensitive to Oxygen. The food packaging market is crying out for a widely recyclable barrier PE for use in the snacks market (particularly crisps, popcorn & nuts) alongside the coffee beverage market.

Camvac’s product range is constantly developing and evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the consumer. As a company Camvac aims to bring new products to market as part of their ongoing development growth strategy, alongside working tirelessly to enhance their existing product ranges. No more so than their recent Thermal Laminate re-launch.

Over recent years Camvac has invested heavily into technological advances enabling sustainable packaging solutions to be available across most of their product portfolio. The outcome of these investments is the Camvert Range. Camvert has been precisely designed to provide the packaging industry with sustainable packaging solutions. These advances have been developed to reduce the packaging material to a level where it does not affect shelf life of the product but is also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

One of the key products within Camvac’s Camvert range is their market leading transparent barrier polyester laminate, Extrapet.

Extrapet is used globally as a high barrier lidding film in two key laminate structures: 12 micron / 15 micron or 12 micron / 25 micron PET structures. Extrapet is used for a wide range of processed meats, fresh meats, poultry, pastas, vegetable and bakery, where presentation and fresh appearance is critical, Extrapet provides a variety of environmentally friendly solutions in peel and non-peel, anti-fog and high barrier options.

As a direct result of Extrapet being an all PET (mono material) structure, the potential of total recyclability, where post-consumer collection infrastructure exist, is possible. Extrapet can also include the benefit of recycled content within the manufacture. During the manufacturing process, Extrapet uses Camvac’s AlOx coated transparent barrier film Camclear.

To find out more about Camvac’s sustainable packaging solutions, innovative metallisation processes, film possibilities and the progress of the PlastoSac UK partnership, visit

COVID-19 hasn’t locked down our expansion plans

camfresh camvert compostable lidding film

Across the packaging industry there have been mixed messages on the effects of COVID-19 on businesses. Plenty of companies haven’t needed to furlough staff, and many have in fact seen spikes in production. In this article, Greg Kingham, CEO of Camvac, explains the impact of COVID on his company’s plans for the future, particularly the Southern Europe expansion.

Camvac is a UK-based, leading global supplier of metallised films, clear barrier films and laminates for a wide range of food packaging, liquid packaging, medical applications, and insulation products. Before the start of the lockdown period in the UK, we had a successful Packaging Innovations exhibition, launching our new home compostable metallised acetate film, Cambrite Camvert. As the pandemic grew, we started to witness an increase in demand for products used in the healthcare, food and liquid packaging markets, something which at the time was not expected.

As a company, we needed to maintain supply into these critical sectors, along with other speciality markets, which led to us increasing our manufacturing output by moving from a two-shift operation to a three-shift 24 hour, 5 day operation. This increase in shift production is testament to Camvac’s willingness to meet their customer expectations. We did experience some raw material supply chain issues during the peak, but the Camvac team worked tirelessly to minimise the disruption this could have caused – with great support also from many of our suppliers.

Demand for our Extrapet material has increased substantially, not only during the pandemic but since the emergence of debates on packaging sustainability. Extrapet is a transparent barrier polyester laminate, which is used in a wide range of lidding film applications, including processed meats, fresh meats, poultry, pasta, vegetables and baked goods, where presentation and freshness are critical. Extrapet is an all-PET, mono-material structure available in peel and non-peel, anti-fog and high barrier options.

In 2019 we started to introduce a greater range of sustainable packaging solutions under our Camvert range. COVID-19 has not put a stop to Camvac’s ambitious growth plans, with new products coming to fruition and existing barrier films being re-launched during the pandemic.

To further reinforce this, we are currently appointing a Sales Agent and Distributor for Southern Europe, a packaging professional with over 20 years sales and business development experience within the plastic packaging industry. His objective will be to grow Camvac’s customer base in Southern Europe, particularly Spain, Italy, and Portugal.

A key market for our new sales agent at Camvac will be expanding our environmentally friendly films. We are now in a position whereby we can offer excellent barrier films that are recyclable, alongside compostable options.

Having this new sales representative in the Southern European Region, further strengthens the uniqueness Camvac offers our customers.

We not only manufacture high quality barrier films, but we pride ourselves on working in partnership with our customers to exceed their needs and develop new products within the film, laminates, and packaging sectors. Having this new and experienced sales professional in the field will help us in supporting our European Customers whilst we strive to meet our ambitious Southern Europe expansion plans.

Improved Thermal Laminate Launched

Camvac thermal laminate launched

Camvac, a leading supplier of barrier films and laminates, both metallised and transparent, has re-launched their Thermal Laminate product range with enhanced product performance.

The high-performance, metallised triplex Thermal Laminate range is part of the Camplex product portfolio and is predominantly used within the manufacture of Bag-in-Box and bulk liquid packaging solutions. The thermal lamination range provides excellent seal strength, seal integrity and flexibility, which are key performance parameters in the packing and transportation of liquids.

The metallised polyester film and conversion into metallised thermal laminate has been developed in-house. Camvac’s barrier film technology provides high oxygen barrier properties, maximising product shelf-life from packing through to consumption. Manufacturing of Camvac’s Thermal Laminate utilises the businesses Camplus® process to enhance the oxygen barrier and in combination with its improved thermal lamination technology delivers bags with exceptional strength.

The enhanced product performance achieved through the recent development program will also enable Camvac to offer products from within the Thermal Laminate portfolio that could provide additional sustainability and cost savings to the supply chain. This will be achievable as the quality of the laminate may eliminate the requirement of the inner liner films, providing the possibility to significantly reduce the quantity of plastic per bag unit and deliver cost savings, whilst maintaining product performance.

The Thermal Laminate product range compliments Camvac’s wide portfolio of barrier metallised and transparent adhesive lamination products that are supplied to the bag-in-box and bulk liquid packaging markets where Camvac has held a strong presence and reputation for quality, service and innovation for around 30 years.

Camvac’s Thermal Laminates can be manufactured up to a width of 2180mm.

Camvac manufactures a diverse portfolio of barrier films and laminates that are suitable for and widely used in a range of food applications, including dry foods such as coffee, tea, and infant formula, in addition to the snack products, fresh foods and lidding film markets. Improving their Thermal Laminate product performance is part of a wider investment programme which has seen several new products launched into the marketplace and improvements made to already established product ranges.

Gary Chalkley, Camvac’s Development Director spoke of the products newfound success: “Camvac’s investment programme has definitely contributed to the enhanced product performance and our capability to produce excellent barrier properties for the Thermal Laminate. But it has not all been about investment. Without the in-house Technical and Operation Teams working in tandem with the desire to improve the product performance we would not have been able to bring a superior product to market. Thermal Laminate by Camvac is a product range we see as an area of continuous improvement. This is just the first steps in the project. Our future laminate developments targeted at sustainability will provide the potential to revolutionise the Bag-in-Box and bulk liquid packaging marketplace”.

For further information and product details  on the Camplex range, click here.

Shift Quality Control Inspector Vacancy

Camvac Entrance Sign

We are currently looking a Shift Quality Control Inspector, working on a 3 rotating shift basis, to join our quality team based in Thetford (Norfolk UK). This is a permanent position.

The role will involve co-ordinating quality control of all components that go into single-ply and laminated film structures. This will include raw materials at material intake and validation of the materials at various stages of the conversion process. Ensuring products are being produced in accordance agreed specifications and that all agreed testing protocols are being adhered to. The ideal applicant would have a previous experience of a quality control role in a fast-moving production environment, be able to demonstrate good problem-solving skills and have an eye for detail. Strong communication skills both verbal and written along with the ability to work under their own initiative are essential attributes for this role. The ideal candidate would also be computer literate with good knowledge of Microsoft Office. Experience using SAP would be preferable, however full training on SAP would be given.

We offer comprehensive training and development, priding ourselves on a safe working environment.

Normal hours of work are 40 hours per week. The normal shift pattern is   22.00–06.00, 0600-1400, 14.00-22.00 on a 3-week rotating shift pattern.

Benefits include 25 days paid holiday per year plus the Bank Holiday, Company Pension Scheme and free car parking. Salary will be £21,784, including shift pay, per annum.

If you wish to apply for the role of Shift Quality Control Inspector then please e-mail your current CV and a covering letter to: Or, if preferred application forms can be obtained by contacting Camvac Limited on 01842 755021

Visit our Careers Page to see all our current vacancies.

Temporary General Operator Vacancies

Due to a continued uplift in demand & the ongoing issues created by the Corona Virus Crisis, Camvac has some vacancies for Temporary General Operatives working in our manufacturing facility.

These vacancies are advertised on a week by week basis & will be temporary roles.

The ideal candidate will be physically fit, with previous experience of working in a manufacturing environment. They will be required to perform shift work.

Interviews are ongoing and will aim to start successful candidates quickly.

If you are interested or know someone who is interested in the opportunity to join the Camvac Team, please ask them to send their C.V. – showing at least the last two years employment history – to Jim Oddie, Operations Director, at their earliest convenience.

Please email


Camvac’s Metallised Film Used In Face Mask

Camvac Metallised Film Used in Medical Mask

Camvac support Cam Lock UK in supplying 75 micron metallised film for use in their MATRIX face mask.

As a company, Camvac are more known for our high barrier, clear and metallised films which are commonly used within the food and liquid packaging marketplace. We do however also produce films that have different uses and this is where Cam Lock UK have contacted us for a high barrier metallised film for use in their breathing masks.

Cam Lock UK design and manufacture safety breathing equipment for use in industrial hazardous environments, also military fighter pilot masks. To help in the fight against COVID-19, Cam Lock UK have increased their manufacturing of the MATRIX mask. The mask is designed to fully seal the users face from external, potentially hazardous conditions.

Camvac’s film will be used within the speech diaphragm system of the mask. The unique diaphragm system ensures the face-mask remains fully sealed but enables the wearer the ability to clearly communicate with others.

COVID-19 pandemic has seen the demand sore for Cam Lock UK and they are now supplying a minimum of 2,500 masks per week globally.

Anyone wishing to discuss further about any projects and opportunities that Camvac’s high barrier films could be used for, visit our contact us form on our website or general sales enquiry email;

Camvac Production Update COVID-19

Camvac production Packaging Company Response During COVID 19

Last week our CEO, Greg Kingham, spoke to Packaging Insights about Camvac Production during COVID-19.

Read the full inteview below or on Packaging Insights here;

Camvac has leveled-up the production output of its medical and core food packaging solutions by transitioning from a two-shift to a three-shift 24-hour operation as the COVID-19 pandemic drives up demand. Europe’s first supplier to produce food-grade metalized OPP and PET packaging, Camvac is experiencing particularly high demand for its mono-material tray lidding films, which offer high barrier options. Greg Kingham, CEO, takes PackagingInsights inside Camvac’s enhanced operations to discuss international supply chain challenges, employee safety and how established product lines are trumping the latest eco-friendly innovations in these unprecedented times.

“Worldwide, governments are recognizing that food and medical manufacturers of flexible packaging are playing a critical role in the battle against COVID-19. Camvac’s business operation places it as a central supplier of essential products and services to the healthcare, food and liquid packaging markets. Without primary packaging, these supply chains will be compromised and the battle against COVID-19 hampered,” Kingham affirms.

Camvac reports increased demand for its medical and core food packaging. In particular, Extrapet recyclable lidding film has seen a “massive increase” in demand. Extrapet is a transparent barrier polyester laminate, which is used in a wide range of lidding film applications, including processed meats, fresh meats, poultry, pasta, vegetables and bakery, where presentation and freshness are critical. Extrapet is an all-PET, mono-material structure available in peel and non-peel, anti-fog and high barrier options.

“We believe that the demand increase for our food packaging materials is a result of the food industry catching up with demand from the consumer panic buying but also our customers increasing their stock levels,” Kingham explains.“To cope with the increased demand and maintain supply to our critical food and medical markets, along with our other specialty markets, Camvac has increased its manufacturing output by moving from a two-shift operation to a three-shift 24-hour operation.”

Since the outbreak, Camvac has also witnessed an increase in demand for its liquid packaging films, Kingham notes. “This increase is not just short-term to replace used stock as customer orders are being brought forward to meet current demand and future orders placed at the same time to ensure stock levels remain positive.”

A spanner in the sustainability works
The impact of COVID-19 is so great that it has even shown signs of hindering the seemingly unstoppable environmental sustainability mega-trend, at least temporarily. Pre-COVID-19, the demand for new environmentally-friendly packaging was “constantly increasing,” Kingham tells PackagingInsights. “However, over the last month, we have seen a decrease in the demand for our sustainable packaging solutions with our customers opting to take stock of our established product lines.”

Accordingly, new developments at Camvac have been put aside to allow the Technical & Development Team to fully concentrate on supporting the supplier’s medical, food and liquid packaging demands.

Kingham is keen to illustrate, however, that Camvac is now able to offer 70 percent Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) films, which can include barrier properties for use within the food lidding packaging marketplaces. The PCR films are designed primarily for heat-sealed tray lidding applications.

“In a longer pipeline, the Technical & Development team are working on a sustainable packaging solution called Cambag for our liquid packaging market. Cambag will be an environmentally-friendly high barrier laminate that is fully recyclable for the Bag in Box market. It will be available in clear and metalized laminate options,” Kingham highlights.

The COVID-19 outbreak has also overlapped with the launch of Camvac’s latest sustainable film, Cambrite Camvert, a fully biodegradable and home-compostable decorative metalized acetate film. “The interest is constantly growing with this film and with the enforcement of non-essential travel being in place, new marketing methods had to be thought of,” Kingham says. “Our Marketing Team has turned its focus to direct marketing to help this situation.”

Circumventing supply disruptions
Camvac supplies its products internationally and relies on an international supply of raw materials. The company has reported longer lead-times in raw material supply from mainland Europe, particularly Spain and Italy, two of Europe’s worst affected countries in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kingham puts the raw material delays down to more stringent border controls and checks and a reduction in transport availability. Camvac has increased its raw material stock levels to limit the potential impacts of supply chain disruptions.

The same issues apply to Camvac’s distribution of products. “Our transport companies have been experiencing labor supply issues. This hasn’t stopped deliveries, just extended the lead-times,” he notes.

“Some of our customers further afield like in Australia and Asia have brought forward their orders to compensate for the extended shipping times. Camvac’s Purchasing Team is working tirelessly to minimize the disruption this could cause on our manufacturing output.”

“As a global business, we are also having to closely monitor individual country exchange rates against the pound for volatile changes as a result of the impact COVID-19 is having on economies around the globe,” Kingham adds.

Safety first
Camvac’s production increases have not come at the expense of employee safety and the company has taken “drastic action” to ensure that. In line with government advice, individuals that can reasonably work from home are doing so and office areas have been reorganized to allow for social distancing for colleagues who are required to attend site. All site visits and customer travel have been canceled.

Kingham tells PackagingInsights that Camvac has implemented “rapid expansion” of its IT capacity to increase the number of people who can work from home while conference calls are taking the place of face-to-face meetings. The supplier has also commenced daily COVID-19 Crisis Management Team Meetings to ensure that new issues are tackled immediately. Meanwhile, the hygiene team is working increased hours to support a safety regime.

“[24-hour manufacturing] is only possible because of the Camvac Team, who are absolutely committed to keeping our business operating in this time of need. Central to our operations is the Production Team, which has shown remarkable flexibility, commitment and resilience to the ever-changing situation. These swift reactions and combined team effort have and will continue to ensure that Camvac remains fully open for business and able to supply its customers in the difficult times ahead of us all,” Kingham concludes.

Camvac have risk assessed the COVID situation and will continue to monitor the pandemic daily. Our latest COVID Risk Assessment can be found here; RA Corona virus update 04.11.20

Anyone wishing to place further orders should contact their normal Sales Managers and of course we are open to discuss new opportunities about our flexible packaging solutions through our contact us form on our website or general sales enquiry email;

Cambrite Camvert Top Packaging Trend 2020

Camvac Cambrite Camvert Packaging Innovations Compostable Metallised Acetate Film

Officially launched at Packaging Innovations 2020, Camvac’s latest sustainable film Cambrite Camvert has been featured in Innova Market Insights top packaging trends of 2020.

In collaboration with Packaging Insight, Innova Market Insights has unveiled their Top Packaging Trends for 2020. As the packaging industry is witnessing, the Environmental Sustainability is a trend that’s continued.

Innova Market Insights writes;

‘Trend Five; Plant Based Packaging.

Largely fuelled by anti-plastic sentiment and the desire to find more eco-friendly solutions to packaging disposal, biodegradable and compostable packaging is hitting the market in higher numbers and with increased sophistication. European Bioplastics (EUBP) forecasts “dynamic growth” in the global bioplastics indsutry, in which packaging remains the largest field of application with almost 53 percent of total bioplastics market in 2019.  Cellulose-based packaging is at the forefront of plant-based innovations’.

This is where our Cambrite Camvert fits. A fully biodegradable and home-compostable decorative metallised film. Used within the board lamination marketplace. The film uses a cellulose diacetate base-film and the metallised film is created using patented technology. Designed as a premium solution for brands who are looking for a environmentally friendly decorative metallised film. Cambrite Camvert is intended to be used with a range of laminate applications including luxury brand decorative cartons, board lamination, point of sale display items and packaging labels.

Find out more about the film here.


Temporary General Operator Vacancies

Camvac Entrance Sign

Due to an uplift in demand & the ongoing issues created by the Corona Virus Crisis, Camvac has some vacancies for Temporary General Operatives working in our manufacturing facility.

These vacancies are advertised on a week by week basis & will be temporary roles.

The ideal candidate will be physically fit, with previous experience of working in a manufacturing environment. They will be required to perform shift work.

Interviews will begin next week (6th April 2020) and will aim to start successful candidates quickly.

If you are interested or know someone who is interested in the opportunity to join the Camvac Team, please ask them to send their C.V. – showing at least the last two years employment history – to Jim Oddie, Operations Director, at their earliest convenience.

Please email

ISO 9001 Certification Maintained

Camvac ISO 9001 Certification Maintained

ISO 9001 Certification maintained for another year.

Annually Camvac is inspected to ensure we are maintaining our Quality Management System (QMS) so we can better serve our customers. Our chosen QMS is ISO 9001. ISO 9001 helps businesses and organisations be more efficient and continually improve customer satisfaction. The primary focus of the ISO 9001 standard is to meet customer requirements and strive to exceed customer expectations.

In order to be certified to the ISO 9001 standard, as company Camvac must follow the requirements set forth in the ISO 9001 Standard. The standard is used by Camvac to demonstrate our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet our customer and regulatory requirements and to demonstrate continuous improvement.

The yearly inspection is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement. Opting to adopt ISO 9001 into the business helps ensure that customers get consistent, good-quality product and services at all times. The key quality management principles in ISO 9001 certification are; Customer Focus, Leadership, Engagement of People, Process Approach, Improvement, Evidence-Based Decision Making and Relationship Management.

Over the past year Camvac has been overhauling our product development procedure so we can better serve our existing and new customers. This was duly picked-up during the inspection with the notable points from our latest inspection being the ‘excellent development procedure at Camvac’. The 2019/20 ISO 9001 inspection resulted in a 100% score for Camvac, which shows we are continuously ensuring our products and services are consistently meeting our customer’s requirements and that quality and customer satisfaction are consistently improved.