Camtherm Film used in fight against COVID-19

high barrier metallised film Camtherm by Camvac

A new video from VIPA Int’l, the representative association of the global vacuum insulation panel (VIP) industry, demonstrates how VIPs help solve the unprecedented logistical challenge of shipping billions of COVID-19 vaccines ‎around the world at very low temperatures (-20°C to -70°C).‎

VIPs’ high insulation values enable stable temperatures for up to 10 days without power‎ and give enhanced resistance in extreme climatic conditions, which is especially effective for the ‘soft last mile’ to the vaccination centres and doctors’ offices. Their low insulation thickness also allows for thinner container and packaging walls, meaning that more vaccines can be shipped per journey.

Camvac’s part in all this is to supply our Camtherm film, metallised films and laminates for thermal insulation, which is converted and used within the VIP panel construction. Camvac’s Camtherm film has been specifically designed, tested and optimised to be supplied in laminate or single web structures. Camtherm demonstrates exceptional barrier to oxygen and moisture as well as excellent emissivity values. These characteristics results in our Camtherm films being used within the manufacture of VIP panels. The VIP panel offers insulation within the outer packaging of the container / box. VIP panels have unique characteristics which makes them ideal for transportation. These characteristics include extremely low thermal conductivity, coupled with long-term thermal performance and low insulation thickness. They are also reusable, recyclable and nontoxic so ecologically friendly.

Watch the below video from VIPA to understand more about VIPs and how they are being used to ship COVID-19 vaccines around the globe.

Camvac may not be on the front-line fighting this pandemic but together with our thermal insulation film and partners we are doing all we can to assist in the fight against COVID-19.