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Processed Food Market

The changes in lifestyle have resulted in a huge growth of processed food presentation in flexible packaging

Advances in barrier film technology, including metallisation and coating, have produced more effective and lower cost flexible packaging alternatives compared with more conventional rigid packaging systems.

Camvac’s focus in this market has brought the development of Camplus®, and Camplex®. Recent developments in even more effective barrier substrates, Camcoat and Camquest®, will also facilitate environmental management solutions for the future by reducing the weight of effective barrier structures.

Why Camvac

  • Independent - allows us to respond freely to our customers needs and market trends
  • 50 years experience in vacuum coating
  • 30 years experience in lamination
  • Developed the first barrier metallised films and laminates for food
  • Unique 2200mm wide metallising, lamination and slitting
  • Comprehensive and dedicated quality control and assurance procedures
  • Long standing partnerships with leading European plastic film manufacturers
  • Full compliance to Environmental, Hygiene, Health and Safety Standards

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