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Controlled optical density metallised films for microwave susceptors

The ‘food on the go‘ phenomenon has become the hallmark of modern living and with it the need for microwaveable packaging which can both protect the product and allow fast preparation.

Applications & Markets for Camcrisp®

Browning & crisping of microwaved foods - including pizza, potato chips, popcorn & garlic bread.

Liquid Packaging
Processed Food
Fresh Food

Camcrisp® has been specifically developed for the microwave snack market and enables ‘browning and crisping’ of products.

Precise control of the film optical density gives assured microwave performance and controlled heat generation. Available in a number of specifications, Camvac offer technical support where specific applications may need a tailored structure to suit a particular requirement.

Benefits of Camcrisp®

  • Closely controlled optical density - assured microwave performance & controlled heat generation
  • Ease of lamination to Cellulose and carton board for flexible and rigid susceptors
  • Proven reliability in microwave browning performance
  • Technical support regarding laminate substrates - heat & steam “sinks”
Typical StructurePolyester 12µ
Typical StructureCellulose 340g
Typical StructurePolyester 12µ
Typical StructureBoard 80-250g

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