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Camshield T®

Aluminium oxide films with a proprietry in-chamber top coating for both barrier protection and enhancement

Another Camvac ‘first’ and now an industry standard in its own right, Camshield T® meets a number of performance criteria regarding barrier transmission and clarity which make it unbeatable for a variety of applications.

Applications & Markets for Camshield T®

Fresh food packaging, confectionery, snacks, retortable applications, bag-in-box, dried foods.

Liquid Packaging
Processed Food
Fresh Food

Camshield T uses Camvac’s proprietry in-chamber vacuum metallising process to apply a protective top coat over the aluminium oxide layer, thus providing both barrier protection and enhancement.

This process can be applied to a wide range of base films and the end use applications are numerous.

Benefits of Camshield T®

Typical StructurePolyester 12µ
Typical StructurePolyethylene 45µ

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