Compostable Lidding Film

Camvac Lidding Film - Compostable Lidding Film

Camvac’s latest commercial product is in keeping with our growing environmentally responsible range of packaging films under the Camvert brand.  The fully compostable lidding film is going to be used as part of the eco-friendly packaging for a grab-and-go range of snacking nuts and dried fruit.

Developed in-house, the compostable lidding film has been manufactured to provide a high clarity, modified atmosphere. Resulting in the lidding film being available for several applications including fresh food packaging, confectionary and snacks.

The lidding film material is made from a certified compostable structure. Which is a great alternative to the traditional plastics used within the food lidding films that often end up in landfill sites across the globe.

The fully compostable film uses Camvac’s Camshield T coating. An aluminium oxide film with a proprietary in-chamber top coating for both barrier protection and enhancement. The exclusive in-chamber vacuum metallising process applies a protective topcoat over the aluminium oxide layer. This provides both barrier protection and enhancement to the lifespan and freshness of the product inside. Another benefit of the new, fully compostable, lidding film is the excellent light transmissions. The first-rate light transmissions results in exceptional clarity and product visibility for the consumer on the store shelf. A must for any food manufacturer looking to showcase their food and stand out from the competition!

A Chlorine free barrier coating makes the lidding film truly environmentally friendly. Test results show higher yields versus other structures as the barrier is independent of film thickness. The compostable lidding film is ideally suited to the food packaging sector. Including fresh food packaging, snacks, confectionary and dried foods. The environmentally responsible film can be heat sealed to the packaging tray containing the produce to enhance produce lifespan.

Look out for Camvac’s newest environmentally friendly film next time you purchase a grab-and-go snack.

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Compostable Lidding Film Now Available