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Fresh Food Market

Increasing consumer demand for packaged fresh food has driven improvements in quality specifications and shelf life

The environmental pressure continues with a desire to move to recyclable packaging.

Camvac’s Extrapet is a high performance all polyester lidding laminate that, when sealed to APET trays for a variety of fresh food applications, provides the customer with the potential of a fully recyclable mono material pack.

Camvac can then take this a stage further by offering Extrapet with post consumer waste content and also a single-ply polyester lidding film where consumers wish to move away from two-ply laminates (Camclear® S).

Why Camvac

  • Independent - allows us to respond freely to our customers needs and market trends
  • 50 years experience in specialist vacuum coating
  • 30 years experience in lamination
  • Unique 2200mm wide metallising, lamination and slitting capability
  • Comprehensive and dedicated quality control and assurance procedures
  • Long-standing relationships with leading European polythene and polyester manufacturers
  • Adhesive, thermal and solvent-free lamination capabilities
  • Specialist anti-fog coatings
  • Recyclable all-polyester lidding film - Extrapet
  • Recyclable single-ply lidding film - Camclear®S
  • Camfresh® range of laminates for a full range lidding offer
  • Industry recognised leader in transparent barrier - Camclear®

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