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Transparent laminates

Campack is a transparent laminate specifically for medical use where assured interply bond strength and optimal product protection for more demanding products is required.

Applications & Markets for Campack

Used for a range of medical pouch applications where seal performance to paper is critical and, in the case of the CPP option, ‘shatterproof’ characteristics are required.

Liquid Packaging
Processed Food
Fresh Food

The CPP structure has the additional advantage of a ‘shatterproof’ characteristic critical to this application, as well as the option of having different colours.

Benefits of Campack

  • Chlorine free barrier coating - environmentally friendly
  • High interply bond strength for downstream performance
  • Excellent seal strength for pack integrity
  • Options for clear, blue and green
  • Excellent shatterproof characteristics
Typical StructurePolyester 12µ
Typical StructurePolyethylene 30µ-70µ
Typical StructurePolyester 12µ
Typical StructureCPP 30µ-70µ
Typical StructureGreen
Typical StructureBlue

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