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Controlled optical density metallised films (ESD bags) & decorative envelopes

Originally developed for packaging light sensitive electronic components, Camlite® is an example of a multipurpose product with at least two applications.

Applications & Markets for Camlite®

Electronics - ESD bags, Communications - Promotional mail bags.

Liquid Packaging
Processed Food
Fresh Food

Whilst giving the functional advantage of controlled light transmission, Camlite® also has anti-static properties and gives a stylish aesthetic quality to promotional packaging application in the form of tinted transparent envelopes e.g. for sales literature and magazines.

Benefits of Camlite®

  • Anti-static properties
  • Control of light transmission
  • Stylish semi-transparent/metallised appearance
Typical StructurePolyester 12µ
Typical StructurePolyethylene 45µ-100µ

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